Welcome to the Grandparent Club!

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The feeling of becoming a grandparent for the first time cannot adequately be described in words. It’s something that can only be defined in heart language, with its overflowing measure of joy, hope, and delight. Entering the grandparent club is a heady experience, to be sure.

I still recall one special moment when I held my infant grandson. As our eyes met, I realized my role in the long list of “everythings” he would need to learn. I read somewhere that grandparents contribute the greatest influence over children’s lives, second only to that of the parents. It caused me to think of all the ways we, as grandparents, have to contribute.

We can:

  • Teach grandsons how to be powerful men, or train them to be men of integrity.
  • Teach granddaughters how to be influential women, or encourage them to develop strong inner character.
  • Teach young ones to love their neighbor, or show them how to help others when needs arise.
  • Teach our grandchildren about God, or live in a way that demonstrates a daily commitment to Christ.

Here’s the catch: none of these ideals are mutually exclusive. They are all compatible.

I can honestly say, “Being a Christian grandparent is an action adventure, not a spectator sport.” Each day is a contest of will and stamina. But we all have a playbook – the Bible – to help us become star athletes. Let’s all get in the game.

We have a command from our Heavenly Father to pass along our faith to future generations. It’s our duty and an honor. Welcome to the club!

Tell me about your grandparenting experience at: barbhowe.org.

24 thoughts on “Welcome to the Grandparent Club!

  1. Becoming a “Mimi” has been one of the best blessings in my life. My husband and I moved from VA to SC in 2017 to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grand baby. We are blessed.


  2. We’re just entering the empty nest phase, so this is a ways off. But still, my husband and I talk about the kind of grandparents we’d like to be one day.


  3. I’m a grandparent of 8 and I love it. It’s truly a way to let the light of Jesus shine through us for our kids and grandkids. I had two grandchildren accept the Lord after reading them devotionals for years. God definitely uses grandparents.


  4. I have a grandson that I’m crazy about – through an unconventional series of events, but I know that God orchestrated each one. This reminded me of the gift of being his grandma and that I have a godly purpose. Thank you for your post!


    1. You remind me of the feelings I have for my grandson. I do believe God is calling us to be intentional grandparents. May He be glorified through us.


    1. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I believe God intends for grandparents to support parents in their important role of bringing up the next generation.


  5. Love this – what a joy and a blessing to both receive grandchildren and have the opportunity to leave a legacy of love. Well done!


  6. Yes we have been blessed as Grandparents to our only little man. he will be 3 this month and has lived with us since the beginning of last year with his Mother. He definitely is a joy and blessing to have, he definitely keeps us busy wow. But over all we are blessed to be in his life! Great Post!!


    1. I am delighted to hear how much you are enjoying your grandson. Boys need to have strong male role models in their lives. Let each year, and each new experience be a reminder that you have been given a wonderful role to fill as a grandparent.


  7. My grandmother passed away just before Christmas. She was one of the only Christan influences in my life and her home was my refuge from a chaotic childhood. Up until two weeks before she died, she would text prayers and Bible verses on a daily basis. Thank you for your legacy and love for your grandchildren! My grandma directly influenced my decision for Christ.


  8. Well, I’m not a grandparent yet, but I have a feeling I will be in the next few years. I hope my wife and I will have ample opportunity to be that positive, godly influence. Neither one of us had this kind of role model in our grandparents either because they weren’t committed Christians or they passed before we got old enough to notice. Happy grandparenting for you!


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