Life is filled with reflections of our daily life. In the dry and cold moments of winter, we know spring is just around the corner, melting and thawing the snow for each new season of growth. Yet, those thawing moments feel so far away in the midst of trial and pain. Seasons of Change is an anthology filled with stories of hope, redemption, and grace. Each author brings a unique and beautiful way to describe how Jesus holds us as we go through life’s trials. There is a season of change coming, are you ready to take the plunge and experience the warmth of spring thaw the winter in your heart?

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If you enjoy reading Barb’s blog posts, take a look at another place where her inspirational messages can be found. Read nine of her devotions, along with those of other authors in the book, Every Day With Jesus, by Guideposts. Follow the link below to order your copy today.

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