God’s Faithfulness on Display

She stepped forward, pausing momentarily to set aside the music stand before flawlessly performing her entire flute solo from memory. With the air of a seasoned professional, she brought the mouthpiece to her lips. The audience watched silently, eyes glued on the teen whose body flowed in harmony with the melody she performed. Few among them knew her backstory, which is a profound testimony of God’s faithfulness.

More than a decade ago, her grandmother adopted her from parents who were heavily addicted to drugs. Taking custody cost every financial resource her single, working grandmother could muster, including her retirement savings. Moreover, with health issues stemming from prenatal exposure to drugs, this girl endured years of physical and emotional disorders. At times, it seemed an impossible task. Her grandmother consistently demonstrated that trusting in the Lord is the answer to overcoming every obstacle.

This pair have faced more than the average share of trials. Her grandmother had to find a way to work full time while managing her granddaughter’s homeschool education. They took on side jobs that allowed them to work together as a way to make ends meet. True, many friends came alongside them throughout the years to provide childcare, help with occasional meals, and run errands. But, as the grandmother attests, it is the prayers that God has faithfully answered with outcomes that awed and thrilled all who have participated in this journey. 

There is much to learn here about God’s faithfulness:

  • Pray – Make prayer a priority. Often, people call on the Lord as a last resort. This story is an example of what can happen when we call on God first, and trust him to provide the best, if not always the easiest, answer to our requests. It serves as a reminder to make your needs known to the Father, who gives generously to all who ask.
  • Persevere – I doubt anyone would have faulted this grandmother had she held back on providing the best possible education and musical instruction for her granddaughter. Her choices required countless personal sacrifices that she willingly made. This is a reminder that whatever is happening in life right now, “don’t quit” doing what is right. 
  • Participate – It takes a lot of humility to admit a need in a culture that praises successful individuals. But, God calls Christians to live in community and to share our ongoing needs with trustworthy friends. We all need help at some time along life’s journey. Your willingness to run an errand, bring a meal, or babysit for a few hours might seem insignificant. In reality, you may be doing the exact thing that is needed in the moment. Better yet, step up and offer to help before a request is made. 

Many friends who stood by this young lady and her grandmother through the years were present to watch her recital, blessed to experience the joy that resulted from God’s answer to their prayers and support. It’s a reminder to this writer that our Father rewards those who persevere under trials and to be thankful for all he has given. Gratitude is the word. 

When we pray, remember to begin with worship to God for who he is and thank him for all he has done for us. Trust that he understands our needs better than we do ourselves. The Lord will reveal his plans for our lives at the perfect time. That’s when we see his faithfulness on display.

“Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9

You May Bless Your Grandchildren

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

I reminded my grandson again today that the last month of school is a time to finish strong. I try to put things in a positive light as much as I can, knowing kids respond more positively to that approach. I sure did when I was a kid. 

The main point I hoped to make with my grandson is that he has been gifted with certain characteristics and abilities from God to use for His good purpose. To that end, I am encouraging my grandson to develop and utilize every bit of talent, skill, and wisdom he possesses.

Among those is the discernment to know right from wrong. That is, to recognize the moral code God has embedded in each of us. You know what I mean. We all feel that pang of guilt when we do something that grinds against what we know is true. Because we are uniquely created, each one has a different set of wrongs to battle. In your best, most supportive voice, how would you address those characteristics in your grandchild?

Take a moment, or more, to think about it. Then begin to write…

You won’t go wrong if you do what is right. When you give your best in all you do…