It’s Snow Time

The northern states experience frequent seasonal blasts of wind-driven snow. These weather phenomenons, known as blizzards, last about a day before they take off for the Atlantic coast. Forget about interstate driving or escaping by air. You should have embarked on that adventure sooner. Now you’re dealing with closed schools and highway travel advisories. Here’s my solution: throw a party instead. Do it to the degree that your comfort level allows, even if that means it’s a Zoom party.

Weather forecasters give us ample warning to prepare. Step one, join the hordes of locals who descend on grocery store shelves like locusts in August. Grab whatever you want to eat, or ingredients for whatever you want to cook, if you’re so inclined. Tidy up the house and call your friends who live nearby. Add them to the ones you’ve already invited while standing in the grocery store check-out line.

Be sure to include the grandkids and their friends. Toddlers through teens, their natural level of activity will get things rolling. All you need to do is have some age-appropriate games or activities set around the house in plain sight. Note of caution: someone might need to jump in occasionally so that lamps and other breakables remain in their unbroken state. 

Music is a must have. We invite guests to bring instruments and sheet music for favorite songs. For non-musicians, the recorded stuff or a radio station works fine. Try a mix of secular and worship tunes, maybe a video or family-friendly movie. Then relax. 

There’s always someone willing to jump in and help. People ask, “What can I do?” They get bored when their only contribution is standing around with their arms crossed over their chests. For distance parties, consider exchanging dishes to share ahead of the storm. I find there’s no easier way to open up conversations than when I’m serving food and cleaning up with a friend. Once you get a comfortable conversation going, deeper, more personal topics rise to the surface. Let them.

Talk about how you first came to know Jesus personally. Share ideas for passing your faith along to grandchildren or how you deal with challenging family situations. Pray with one another. Thank God for the good family and friends in your life. Be grateful for all you have. And don’t be surprised if, before the evening is over, you’re starting to plan for the next snow day.

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