A Lasting Reminder

unnamedAs I reached for something on a family room table, my hand brushed across a photo of me with my siblings. It was taken a few years back at a family reunion. I paused momentarily to look at our faces. It is memorable because as quickly as we found a place to stand, several relatives grabbed their cameras and ran forward to capture our image. One niece told me this might be the last chance to see us together. 

Her instinct was correct. Since that day, one of my brothers has died, my sister was widowed, and my remaining brother is battling against a serious disease. It is a sobering reminder that life gives no guarantees. Not one of us can depend on tomorrow. The older we become, the more clearly we can see this as a gift from God, a chance to rearrange our priorities.

During the months leading up to my brother’s passing, we shared some of our most intimate, soul searching conversations. We talked fondly about members of our family’s younger generations and reminisced about those whose lives had already slipped away. At some point, we talked about salvation through faith in Christ, assurance that we will one day be reunited in Heaven.

Our conversations prompted me to write my faith message for my grandchild. By God’s grace, I will live to see him accept Christ as his Savior. If not, my testimony will stand as a witness for him. Spoken words are a treasure. But unless our testimony is written it will be quickly lost, perhaps within the next generation. Carve out some time in your day to plan for the future. Put your story in writing so it can outlive you.

“For he gave his laws to Israel and commanded our fathers to teach them to their children, so that they in turn could teach their children too. Thus his laws pass down from generation to generation.” – Psalm 78:5-6 (The Living Bible)

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