Get Hooked


“What do you think Papa would like to get for Christmas?” I said.

“A fish hook. Papa loves to fish.”

My grandson has already developed a taste for outdoor sportsmanship and is making future plans to teach his children how to fish. Truth be told, he is already an accomplished fisherman.


I dutifully added “fish hook” to our shopping list, knowing something my grandson doesn’t know: my husband has only a modest interest in fishing. His biggest incentive to pick up a pole and tackle box is that fishing is an enjoyable activity he shares with our grandson. That thought stayed with me through the day.

During the past summer, my husband took our then 5-year-old grandson fishing nearly every day – just to be together. My grandson initiated their expeditions by saying, “Papa, this is a good day to go fishing.” They returned home with catch-and-release photos as proof they really did get the big ones.

Generational lines blurred and bonding took place while they sat on the porch, recalling everything they did during that day’s expedition. “The days I spend teaching him to fish will pass quickly, but he will remember our times on the fishing pier for years to come,” my husband said. Papa is right.

Their explorations have already left a positive impression on our grandson. Kids remember the things you do with them. I still remember helping my grandma pick flowers from her garden. Find out where your grandchildren’s interests lie, and make a point of spending time together, exploring their world. 

What kinds of memories are you making with your grandchildren?  If you would, share one of your favorite grandparent stories on my website:

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