Warning: Falling Pianos


There’s an old joke about a man walking down a city street and getting hit by a piano falling from an overhead window. A distraught passerby rushes to the man’s aid.

The injured man asks, “Why didn’t you warn me about the piano?”

The passerby says, “I saw the piano falling, but didn’t want to alarm you.”

Aren’t we all a bit like this at times? Perhaps like me you have watched someone make an unwise choice, but decided to remain silent because you didn’t think it was your place to warn them. Quite frankly, our reluctance to shout a warning when we see pending disaster is the most unkind thing to do.

Now, imagine you had an important warning for your grandchildren. What would prevent you from giving it? Political correctness? Family opposition? Would you hesitate to alert your grandchild of pending harm because it felt out of place to do so, or would you shout a warning?

Moses led the Israelites to the Jordan River where Joshua would lead them into the Promised Land. In Deuteronomy 4, as he stood on a mountaintop overlooking the fertile valley that God had given them, Moses issued a warning. You see, that blessing came with a condition: “Tell your children and grandchildren about the glorious miracles (God) has done.”

That warning still stands. We have all been blessed by our Heavenly Father. And like the Israelites, we are commanded to tell our descendants about His blessings, lest they forget and fall deeply into sinful living.  It’s sort of like yelling at someone to get out out the way of a falling piano.  

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I told my grandchildren about God’s presence in my life?” Now is a good time to start.

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