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If I ran a poll of all the single dads I know, none would be likely to say raising their kids alone was a preference. My observation is they made the best possible choice under difficult circumstances, if they even had a choice. Dads who take on the solo role of raising kids deal with the same issues that single moms do. All single parents travel a tough road, however, dads often get little recognition for their efforts.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the kids are toddlers or teenagers. Single dads juggle work schedules, school schedules, home maintenance, and all the other details of daily living – cell phones in hand and timetables down to a science. Their favorite pastime appears to be napping, if and when said opportunities present themselves.

As a grandparent, you might have a single dad in your circle of family and friends. Consider it a chance to connect with two generations at one time with something good for all parties involved. The dads get an extra hand, eyes, and ears to keep track of the kids, the kids get extra attention, and you get to see the world through fresh, young eyes.

A few days ago, my husband and I took a couple of single dads and their kids fishing on a rented pontoon. We brought snacks, tackle, and poles. While the kids fished and ate nonstop, the dads kicked back to relax. We drifted our way into an evening that nobody wanted to end. It inspired me to consider other things we might do together.

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Hobby Time


I have found one of the simplest ways to connect with my grandson is to spend time doing things we enjoy in common. The best part is that we have time to relax and talk to each other while we’re engaged in a fun activity.

I’ve been working on my watercolor painting skills. Trust me, I need lots of practice. When my grandson is with me during the summer, we occasionally sit on the porch and paint together. I sometimes explain techniques I am learning or we talk about the subjects we are painting.

We were both painting outdoor scenes a few days ago. Mine was a big sky over a farm, his was a small sky over a volcanic dinosaur-inhabited landscape. The conversation about our subjects flowed seamlessly into a discussion about God’s creation. Mostly he talked while I listened.

My grandson told me things he learned from Genesis during his first year of school. We talked about Noah and the Ark; how Noah did what God commanded; and how God saved Noah, his family, and the different kinds of animals from the flood. Double bonus: time to paint and to share our faith!

When was the last time you introduced one of your grandchildren to a favorite hobby? I highly recommend it.

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